Special case on the island of Ouessant, France

Horsemanship has brought me to many countries. Of course Australia and USA where it all started and during my time as a Parelli Professional instructor I have been teaching in Spain, Sweden, Norway, Ireland, Scotland, England, Wales and of course Netherlands and Belgium. Just recently had a nice project in the beautiful island of Ouessant in France.

Three stallions from a herd living on the island all their life, needed to be able load load and travel safely in a trailer to be transported to Belgium. In May 2023 we did the 8 year old Connemara I nick-named Cowboy. First part of the trip was a 3 hour boat journey. I thought the experience of waves wouldn’t be that much different than traveling on the road in a trailer. But the trailer is lifted completely to be loaded onto the boat. So I had to be sure I was sure that He would stay calm The main objective is always that the horse stays calm and collected in the trailer. The best way to do that, is to make sure they WANT to be in the trailer and experience it as a safe resting place.

A lot of credit goes to the nature of this Cowboy. 8 years old and hadn’t been out of pasture a lot. They were used to tourists on foot or bicycle and helicopters. I have to say, he handled the whole trip very well (after a good preparation of course).

Great project and lovely place to visit. Recommended place to stay: Le Gite de Louise and la Lanterne du Bout du monde.

Video below: Loading Cowboy, start of a long, effortless journey.

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