• Songs about and for the horses

    As you might have read in the about me section, I am also a musician and singer songwriter. Long before I started to focus on horses, I played guitar from a very young age. Only after I got out of the rat-race at the age of 42, I got inspired to write songs. Here are…

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  • Special case on the island of Ouessant, France

    Horsemanship has brought me to many countries. Of course Australia and USA where it all started and during my time as a Parelli Professional instructor I have been teaching in Spain, Sweden, Norway, Ireland, Scotland, England, Wales and of course Netherlands and Belgium. Just recently had a nice project in the beautiful island of Ouessant…

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  • Old video, back on the family farm

    One of the most challenging horses I have ever worked with. His name was Opère, Dutch warmblood. Extremely sensitive and sceptical in the first years. Grateful. Learned a lot from him. Filmed on the farm where I grew up in the Netherlands. (Note: the links in the video to my old trailer loading website don’t…

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